Voiceover Knowledge: Six Do’s and Dont’s of Handling Rejection

After a day spent pressing ‘RECORD’ and ‘DELETE’ on an audio device, countless warm-ups, stretching their voice to its limits, and too many cups of tea, the last thing a voice over actor wants to hear is that they didn’t get the role they were auditioning for. While discouraging, rejection is a large part of any […]

3 Steps to Preparing for Your Voice Over Audition

Stressful and exhilarating, auditions can run the gamut on an actor’s emotions. The pressure is on: You have a finite amount of time to make a lasting impression on the casting director; therefore, all your groundwork has to be laid ahead of time to maximize the effectiveness of your presentation. Preparedness breeds precision—if you want […]

Should You Invest in Acting Courses to Perfect Your Voice Over Skills?

One of the undeniable benefits of voiceover work is its comfortable place behind the camera, away from the watchful eyes of the audience. This distance allows an actor the opportunity to showcase their talent without being on display themselves, unencumbered by standards of appearance and action required in on-screen roles. For the virtuosic performer, the […]