Should You Invest in Acting Courses to Perfect Your Voice Over Skills?

One of the undeniable benefits of voiceover work is its comfortable place behind the camera, away from the watchful eyes of the audience. This distance allows an actor the opportunity to showcase their talent without being on display themselves, unencumbered by standards of appearance and action required in on-screen roles. For the virtuosic performer, the ability to focus solely on their creative output can play a major role in their overall success as they continue to cultivate a highly-specific vocal skill set.

With that in mind, it could appear counterintuitive to suggest that voice over actors pursue courses similar to their on-screen counterparts. While it may seem as though each role requires different talents, the basic premise remains: an actor—on-screen or otherwise—needs to know how to act. Having a similar foundation of basic skills can make you a more appealing candidate for the role you’re auditioning for, and set you apart from actors who have only taken time to polish their vocal chops. 

What to Do

Voice over work is more than just reading lines off a script, and attention to detail is imperative in getting it right. Whether you’re reading for a film, providing narration for an eBook, or lending your voice to a television spot, the quality of your interpretation of the material will make the difference between subpar and stellar work.

Anyone can recite words from a page, yet it’s the characteristics of your delivery that will make you a standout individual for the job. Understanding how to deliver your lines and the methods that work to support such can come naturally, but it doesn’t hurt to seek extra support in the form of instructors and classmates involved in the same practices. Learning artistic discernment—ways of pacing your lines, understanding and conveying the appropriate tone, and when to hold back or push forward vocally —is key to developing a well-rounded actors’ profile. In doing so, casting agents are shown that you take the work seriously and are consistently looking to improve upon your skills, leading to increased marketability and more job offers.

How to Do It

Perhaps the idea of attending acting classes with the sole intention of perfecting your vocal quality seems a bit odd, even daunting and nerve-wracking. Luckily, there are alternatives to traditional courses that are designed specifically for vocal performers. Taught by working voice actors, organizations like Edge Studio, Such a Voice, and Voiceover Studio Chicago specialize in beginning, intermediate, and expert-level voice over training in the Commercial, Telephony, Narration, eLearning, Corporate Industrial, Medical, and Media markets. Enrolling in a voice over acting class is a strategic move for any budding industry professional: you’ll have the opportunity to learn from accomplished individuals in the field, strengthen your existing skills, and discover new ways to increase your marketability as a voice performer. Making connections is a crucial aspect of the job, and you’ll want to make the best impression possible if you’d like to become a working voice over actor. Participating in the acting community through courses and various social endeavors will make that positive impact and provide opportunities to learn applicable voice over skills outside the context of the classroom and in the professional world where it counts most.

With the ambition, know-how, and the right mentorship, succeeding in the voice over industry never sounded easier. Thinking of taking a chance? Enroll in an acting class today and let us know how it helped you become a better actor!


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