Share Your Voice With Voizgram

Share your voice – it’s powerful, unique and personal. Our sounds are what make us special; they set us apart and allow us to add our own sound to the music of the world. Voizgram is created to be a platform to share, experience and enjoy the voices and sounds of the community around you. […]


Think You’re Cut Out For Working Remotely? Read This

In our ever-connected world, communicating and exchanging information seamlessly is the best it’s ever been. By such, standard workplace infrastructure—days spent in closed-quarters with colleagues, in and out of meetings, with restrictive incremental breaks—can begin to seem outdated and ill-suited to the contemporary employee. With the introduction of smart technology and its widespread accessibility throughout […]

Hiring an Audiobook Narrator? Here Is What You Should Know

Transitioning content from the page to the voice presents a host of challenges that may have gone previously unconsidered by a writer. With this shift, your work must not only read well but sound good a loud too. If you’re new to the audiobook process, the task of choosing a narrator who can deliver your […]